Friday, September 25, 2009

Not good news....

I'm on a mission, so this will probably be short, should be anyway. Steff had a FANTASTIC week, I was bragging on that at work, when I got a phone call. She did have a rough night, I heard her and moved my sleepy butt upstairs to be with her. She would jerk, have that shiver thing and wake up, making wierd noises. She usually doesn't remember these, and her life goes on like it didn't happen. So, I was very surprised to get a call from her. First off, she has done the Gluten Free all week, and finds that it is not too bad. This is good. Okay, the phone call. Her eyes are blurry today. She can't focus in on things. Not sure what that's about, then I went up to the school after work, (VERY LONG 4 hours after she called!!), she was in the office, doing her work, her eyes look bad. No shine, just flat. She said they hurt so bad, behind her eyes. The sun hurts them too. This is all new to me. SO, I'm trying to call the DR in CA. hoping he can explain to me what is going on. They said there would be set backs after you start the GF diet, but this new. I just spoke with Dave, he says it is not new. He's probably right, I have that selective memory, or so he says. : )
I called the one lady that heads the Gardasil Group this morning, the news I got from her was not good news, very upsetting as a matter of fact. BUT she is not a DR, just a mom that has also gone through this, but not to this degree. SO, I need to roll off and give the DR a call, I really hope he has some suggestions and answers for me.
Those doors at that gate are starting to squeak open> and I hate it! It that's over your head, just let it go.
Put my girl in your prayers, .......................... let this be over soon. I've had enough.

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