Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Wednesday!!!

Well, I believe if Ms. Steffanee makes it through tonight, it's been a week since her last episode. Of course, she doesn't always tell me and gets tired of me asking, so, we'll call it a week. She still has quite a bit of congestion, but is starting to cough it up. I"m glad, I really wanted her body to fight it off with out antibiotics. I"ll give her until Friday, but she seems better today.
I put tires on the girls car tonight. $338, plus $25. rebate, plus I get 5% back for using Joe Machens Ford. Pretty good. OF course they want $350. to fix the lights on her license plates ~ and that's not going to happen. He said they could do it Friday, but needs to order the parts today, I smiled and told him not to order them. I KNOW she needs those lights (that's why she got pulled over), but I am NOT paying that much to get it fixed. I'll have to think about this one. Until then, she can drive during the day! LOL Give me a couple of days.....processing it. : )
I got a letter from Vaers today. They want me to sign a release form to get her hospital information. I called, they said they are going to compare the testing in the girls and see what they come up with ~ like a trend, maybe? Who knows, but I'll fax it to her. I also read in the Focus on Family newsletter that a NY Cardiologist's daughter also is having an adverse effect from Gardasil. There is one DR that will acknowledge it. : ) Steff is getting better and that's what matters, not what they think.
So, it's a Wednesday post ~ almost Friday! Pool is still open, but cold. I did get the cover ordered and bought the chemicals to close it. I like looking at it, sitting by it ~ maybe next week.
Catch you all later, enjoy the week! Life is Good!

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