Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Day to Sleep in for the KIDS!

Agh. School starts tomorrow. Steff stated when she woke up at 10 am, that today was her last day to sleep in. I smiled, b/c yes it is. She just left for work. Today she works at Justice 12-5. Justice is the easier of the two jobs. Probably b/c it's a kids store and the moms control what goes in & out of the dressing rooms, as opposed to dealing with a lot of different teen personalities at Wet Seal. She likes them both, but J is less stress for her. She worked them both yesterday. Yes, after I asked her to let them know she cannot do that anymore. She then told me that both places make their schedules out for 3 weeks. NEXT Saturday is her last double shift. She likes working in the mall ~ she sees a lot of people. SO, don't think it's b/c we make her work 2 jobs because of the shopping addiction LOL She seldom spends HER money. Saving it for college, she REALLY wants to stay in the dorms instead of home. We'll see, one day at a time.
After work last night, she ran around with friends, then made it home for her curfew. : ) While we were chatting, (she was actually eating), in the kitchen before we headed off to bed, I saw that dreaded "shiver" go through her body. Then the eyes, the neck/head, the arm, it mellowed, she headed off to bed. She did tell me to STOP staring at her as it was happening. It's just BIZARRE to me. I honestly don't get what happens! Yep, to her this has become normal. I HATE IT.
If you follow the blog, you know she hasn't spent much time at home this summer. I was glad to see her out enjoying life. HOWEVER! I guess these "shivers" and little episodes were happening and I didn't know. Probably better for her, b/c I would have slowed her down, perhaps that's why she doesn't share that information. Who knows? I did read on the group postings that Vit-B12 spray goes directly into the body and it has helped some of the girls. They keep talking about that gluten free diet as well, how much it has helped. NOW, we all know I don't do too good with following stuff like that, but I am going to try to figure it out. Even if we don't go 100% , 50% would have to make a difference. SO I think I will ease her into it as I learn. Clovers here I come. Lots of fruit & protein. Steff is willing to try it. I pray for a good school year EVERY single night. I pray for her health too. I just REALLY don't want a repeat of last year~ for her or the school. I know it's hard on her, but it's hard on everyone else as well. Okay, I'm rambling. I try to settle down and be calm about this, but when it happens, it freaks me out. Obviously.
She just takes it in stride. My little trooper, to her, life goes on.
I did speak to Debbie, the mom with a daughter (Danielle) that has been dealing with this for 2 years now. I'll touch on that later. She is right, we have a LOT in common with our girls.
I'm out. Have a good day! It's a nasty day~ a good read a book day. Too bad I have a bday party to hit and Dave has to take Steff to get school supplies. HA! That would be fun to observe. I'm the shopper here~ but I'm busy today.

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