Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night.

Hey! Steff worked quite a bit this weekend. Not sure she is going to be able to handle both jobs. On Sat she does Mornings at Justice, then evenings at Wet Seal. I think she realized last night that it's too much for her. I believe she "had a moment" while working at WS. She took a break to regroup, then switched from register to dressing rooms. Dressing rooms aren't as stressful as the registers. We talked about it being too much for her tonight. We'll chat some more tomorrow.
We shopped today for school bargains. She got more clothes~ like she needs them! We split the bill, which is helpful. : ) This is a new thing!
I joined the group "Lets talk about Gardasil" finally. I tried several times, but the link wouldn't open for me. It did, I joined and have learned very much. If there was any doubt in mine or Dave's heads that all we have been through with Steff was anything but Gardasil, we realize now that it is the Gardasil. Several girls on that site had the same side effects as Steffanee. The seizures, jerking of limbs, feeling like their throat was closing, joint & muscle pain, the list goes on and on. I'm new on it, so it will take me a bit to learn the ins and outs, but I am very interested to learn how the parents are getting their girls better. Neurocleanse is something that is mentioned several times, hopefully I find time this week to dig deeper.
Very hard to believe that school starts a week from tomorrow!! She's excited. I'm nervous. Rest should be high on her list, we talked about that tonight too. I'm trying to get it higher on mine too, so I'll sign off and hit the sack! LOL Have a good week!

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