Saturday, August 29, 2009

She made it TWO wks of school...barely

Don't know whether to celebrate or not. She did make it 2 weeks of school, but not on a slide. She had the episode at Cheer practice, then last night at the game, at half time, she asks me to massage her arm???? Wasn't it her hip that locked up? Her arm was very tight, yep, you guessed it ~ she had a "shiver episode" at school 5th hour. Nice. I didn't know. This time it went up her spine, into her head/neck, legs, then her right arm stiffened and would not release. For those of you that can't picture it> let me tell you, her muscles have a strong mind of their own. Her elbow is very sore as well. Her teacher handled it very well, I guess. She went into a room, away from the class, the nurse came in and after some time, life went on. Did I ever mention that she's a trooper?? BUT, she should have told me. Well, she claims NOW she's eighteen. Then I claimed, yes, you are, and when you are an adult on the financial part of it, then you can have all the fame of being 18. Right now, we are paying the bills, it's our right to be informed. She probably figured I wouldn't let her cheer, and I probably wouldn't have. We know each other too well.
I have a cake in the oven for her surprise party tonight. Some of the girls are going out for dinner, she thinks it ends there, but they are coming back here to hang out. Sadie's in charge> AGH!!! no, really, she'll do good. I'm decorating while they are out eating, then Dave & I are leaving. Party on, Seniors. We're moving the Xbox, Guitar hero up, pools open, what more do they need, oh, and lots of movies. She'll enjoy.
They lost the game last night. BUT the cheerleaders looked good. The dance they did at halftime was very impressive. No jumping or running either. FINE job cheerleaders & coach.
So, here's to hoping from the bottom of my heart that next week is much better than this week, with lots of rest and staying home. No work. I think school and practice is quite a full day for a sick one anyway. We'll see.
We're going in for a detox foot bath this morning ~ once I get her up. I'll wait as long as I can! Have a good weekend, folks. Looks like it might be a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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