Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today, I told myself I was going to stay off the computer, clean house and spend time with my family. Here I sit. No promises, but I need to make it quick. Dave's mowing ~ usually my job, but, it's hard to use the computer while mowing. LOL
Steff be-bopped in yesterday after school and you would never have known she was exhausted. I smiled ~ she napped a minute or two and headed off to the football game. She went to a friends after, was home by 12:30. That's the good news.
I went in to get her up this AM~ she usually gets herself up, so I thought she was running late. Her body was twitching & jerking, with those eyes rolling back. She is exhausted ~ her body is tired. I tried to get her to find someone to work for her so she could rest. Nothing doing. She headed out, but looked very tired. She'll be heavy on my mind all day and every time the phone rings.................... I'll freak. Welcome to my world. LOL It's just part of it, I guess. She did say this morning that she is staying home when she gets off work tonight. Yep, she works both jobs. LAST SATURDAY for that, and I'm glad. Lord, just let her make it through today. As she was getting ready for work, she stood at her closet, wondering what to wear to work, then stated she's going to wear a dress on Wednesday, for her Birthday. Things that make her happy. SmiLe. She looked cute when she left.
Okay, short it's not, I'm out> will report later on how her day turned out. Enjoy the day> looks like we might get some sun afterall. Pool is calling my name!! Oh.. the cleaning.. maybe tomorrow. HA!!

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