Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steff's home, well, not really

Steff's home from Branson, but not at home. She came in, shared, showered, ate and was out the door. Things to do and people to see I guess. She had a good time. They went shopping today, all day. : ) My girls a shopper, as long as it's ALL about her. LOL She got some bargains!
Since she was in, then out, not much to post. : )
My bike & I got along better tonight. LOL
Tomorrow is Friday and I hope I get out of bed on time> It would be the first day this week! Today, I even had to skip the hair styling! Yeah, I was looking good. ha. BUT I was on time. That was important for me today. LOL
She works quite a bit this weekend, tax free one. Her knee is hanging in there. Pain is post surgery pain, not the "old" pain. If you read the posting I put in from the other mom> did you notice that her daughter had pain behind her knee caps? Yep, Steff did as well. Bizarre that they have pain behind the knee cap. What is that about???

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