Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Steffanee!

Today the girl turned EIGHTEEN! Hard to believe. She had a great day. I sent stuff for Sadie Girl to decorate her locker ~ Sadie took a cake to school! She looked cute in the dress she chose to wear! I would say she had a great day! We took her to Outback, her favorite place. Not for the steak or the onion ~ It's her favorite place for the..... bread. Yes, she is her daddy's child. And yes, she did eat bread tonight. All the boys came> which made me happy too. Emily & Josh, Phil & Datyn, and Bryce. We laughed a LOT! Steff enjoyed it! I took quite a few pix> will try to post later this week. I'm trying very hard to limit my time on the computer. LOL no, really.
I talked to Steff tonight about quitting her jobs. Last night she slept from 6pm, moved her to her bed around 12ish, she slept through until this morning. Well dumb me! That's probably why she had such a great day!!! LOL She needs lots of rest. Working is keeping her from getting it. Dave says just quit one job ~ and work 10-12 hours. We'll see. I say quit both jobs and enjoy your senior year. .... well rested. Not to mention when she starts dragging homework in to do after work. I'm the mom, I worry about these things more. We'll see. I'm thinking if she gives her notice, and explains it, when she's ready to work this summer, they'll hire her back if they have openings. She's a good worker and very dependable. Wonder who will win this one??? (HELP ME OUT HERE, FOLKS!) Besides, she doesn't spend her money ~ she just banks it. Which is good, but ..... health & school are more important than her having money in the bank at this point.
Steff has an appointment at 7:30 for her knee tomorrow. I think he will release her. Here's a bit of BAD NEWS : She has cheer practice at 5 AM, I'm sure that's what she said, on Friday. School, then game. Besides that, she works Thursday night and closes. That means a late night. We are talking one exhausted girl by the time the football game is over. Stress me out!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm rambling and probably need to head off to bed> have a good day everyone!

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