Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Knee seems good to go!

Steff went in on Monday to get her stitches out of her knee from surgery. That went well, but better yet, her walk is back to her walk. LOL Instead of throwing that right leg out, she's placing it like she used to. Seems so far that her knee is not hurting, just sore on the knee cap from surgery. This is good, but I don't want to speak too soon. She is out of cheer practice until she sees him again on August 27. No jumping, running, you get the picture. If he clears her at the next appointment, it's life as usual.
Steff left today for Branson. She was excited about going. The deal was that her room had to be cleaned, or she was not going. Last night around 8 ~ it was FINALLY clean. She was supposed to do it yesterday afternoon, but slept all day instead. Must have been tired. : )
Long story longer, : ) She slept with me last night. 1. Dave was out of town 2. I'm a chicken 3. I watched a murder show 4. I'm a chicken 5. She wouldn't have to make her bed again. Besides, she was leaving this morning for a couple of days. : ) She fell off to sleep before I did, with a little flinching and muscle twitching ~ which is probably normal for all of us. It went on most of the night. Her neck, her leg, her arms, all night long. Granted, she did NOT wake up and it must not have been the painful spasms she once had. SO, has she gotten better? Yes. However, I was very surprised that her muscles still "act out" during the night. If she hadn't slept with me, I would not have had a clue! So, we get up this morning, and I ask her if she had a good night sleep and the answer was YES I DID. I don't think she had a clue OR she has just accepted it as part of her life. I didn't share all this with her, I didn't want to stress her out about having an episode while she's out of town with Sadie. But...........my little brain has been working all day. School starts Aug 17, please let this be a good year for her. So, heads up for DAve and I while she sleeps, we will be checking on her to figure out if it's a nightly thing, or if there's a pattern. Bummer.
I hope they are having fun in Branson> I'm sure that gang of girls could have fun anywhere! They'll be home on Thursday. Until then, I'm sure she'll be fine.

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