Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Direction.....

Today, we went in another direction. I didn't locate a Maximized Living Dr in our area, so I asked the Chiro that did Steff's acupuncture to help us. Today he did acupuncture on her neck, used a muscle detoxing tool on her back and did a regular adjustment after he messed with her spine quite a bit. He could touch certain places in her neck area that would make her muscles start twitching. I talked to him about Dr. Flannery in California, he took his web site address, said he would check it out. Also said if I want, he will try to connect with one of the DRS that are helping the Gardasil Girls and work through them. He's really nice and Steff is comfortable with him. She's been having bad headaches. He did say that her discs were off quite a bit. After all the twisting and turning her body has done, I'm sure things aren't in place. I REALLY hope he can help her!! He wants to see her 2 times a week, then we will evaluate if she's getting any relief. There's the plan.
The float trip. I thought they went to the Mermac River> nope. Current River. They went on rafts, sounds like they had a really good time! Senior Bonding.....
My dear Mother in Law sent me a book to read.... The G Free Diet> (Gluten) ~ Guess I had been get on it and commit for Steff. Dr. Menard (chiro) said the Gluten free diet is good for everyone! Yeah, he & his receptionist are probably on it. : )
We're hitting the end of the week here. SAy a little prayer that it ends on a good note. Steff was sound asleep when I came home from work to take her to the DR. She sleeps a lot! I need to go see if she's sleeping now, I've been online quite a bit> need to slow that down, the husband is home! : ) The house was pretty much a mess. With me working OT in the evenings, Steff working, then me on the computer until I go to bed, not much was getting done. I SURE did NOT expect him home. I usually clean up the messes on Friday afternoon!! LOL

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