Monday, August 24, 2009

All is Good....

Well, the little girl made it through both jobs on Saturday. I was worried. After work, she came home, stayed home and relaxed, then crashed. She asked me to sleep with her ~ when she does that it makes me wonder if she's scared. I asked her, she didn't answer, so I left it alone. While we were laying there though, she did tell me that her hip "locked up" while she was at a friends house on Friday night. It did that a LOT during the violent episodes. She did twitch and jerk through the night, but never woke up. I, on the other hand, got very little sleep. It just makes my heart hurt and my wheels turn and turn. She worked a short shift on Sunday, all went well, then she came home, took a nap and did her Epsoms salt bath. She did ask me if any of the other Gardasil girls were having trouble with "brain fog" ~ I call it brain fog, she says getting words confused & losing concentration. I explained that several of the girls note this in their profiles for the data base, in this group I joined. I guess she realized it yesterday at work. She has denied having trouble concentrating in the past. I would like her to cut her hours back to practically nothing, until we see how her body is going to handle school. She said she would, however, she headed out to work tonight ~ Wet Seal ~ the more stressful of the two.
So, I keep getting emails from different people, they must be finding my blog. : ) This is good. I also joined facebook ~ and ran across an old room mate/friend from years ago. SMILE! Facebook is a good way to get Steff's information out there.
I chatted with a couple of moms at the Football game on Friday night. One brought over some all natural products for her to try, and a book so we can check it out. The other suggested taking her to the new DR office that has all women in it, DRS specializing in different areas. I talked to STeff, she also thought that was a good idea, IF I do the talking. She is so sick of telling the story, and having them disagree. So, she will put me out there ~ just not herself!! LOL I can handle it, she knows that. She was supposed to see Dr. M today, but had to work. Besides, she informed me last night that she does not want to start going to the DR all the time again. I'll just do it on Wednesdays. AGH! We'll see what he says about that. I know she's sick of this stuff, but we are not there yet. I'm outa here> have a good one> and keep smiling! Life Is Good.

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