Thursday, July 30, 2009

All is Good here....

Tomorrow is Friday> YAY! Weekend : ) Steff's knee is healing very nice. It looks good and seems to be doing better than before surgery. This is good. She did, however, have a bit of an episode on Tuesday night. Her right leg did the spasm thing, where the leg has a mind of it's own, jerking and moving around. It is hard to imagine, until you've seen it happen. It is the strangest thing I have EVER seen! It woke her up several times through the night. She didn't call out for us, just said that "maybe this is bad, but I'm getting used to it, so I don't freak out anymore" ~ I explained that I still need to be called, so I can observe and document. At least it was confined to the one leg, of course, the one she just had surgery on.... go figure. BUT she's a LONG way from Feb 2, 2009! She worked today, then went out to eat Thai again. Found out tonight, they do NOT put MSG in their food, but we'll play it by ear and observe. She works all weekend at both stores. She's happy. : ) She's been chatting with a really nice guy ~ I'm hoping he asks her out for a date real soon. It would be healthy for her to go out and have fun. He seems like a very nice kid (BUT it's hard to judge these days!) HA
Me? I've been at Square D for 30 years today. YEP, thirty years. I got to pick my anniversary award from a book, it arrived last weekend. I picked a Trek bike, it's really nice. I'm changing that HARD seat out though, right away! LOL I really thought I would only be at Square D until I got the boys raised, but how can you walk away from the benefits and vacation. Besides, I would have to work somewhere, hours are good, people are good and I have a TON of vacation. : ) and now, a bike. Ha!
Have a good and happy weekend everyone! Life is Good.

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