Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not sure if it's good or bad news.....

Hey! I took Steff to the OB GYN today after her ultra sound on her female parts. Seems that the cyst has burst, but has not completely drained. She still has pain, but not as intense as it was. Dr. B said if she still has pain in a month to call and they will schedule an appointment to go through her belly button to check things out. Dr. B said that the skin of her uterus (TOO MUCH INFO??) might be growing over her ovary. Well. I couldn't ask any questions, b/c I was sitting my butt in the waiting room. Yes, the girl is an adult now, handling things on her own. AND that's fine, she IS almost 18. HOWEVER, I'm not too sure she knows what kind of questions to ask yet. So, that was our day. Good news ~ I think. If not, and you have knowledge of this, please share. Again, I'm writing it how she explained it to me. : )

I am starting to feel like Doctor Crazy with her. Running her to 2 DRs. in one week, scheduling surgery for her knee and wisdom teeth. She had these things going on, I promise. I really would rather skip all this Dr. stuff. But, it is happening and I am trying to take care of it. I have said many times, I want her healthy!! It's not like I'm searching for something to blog about!! LOL : )

Everything else is good. Dave is working full weeks. I'm still working, but not full weeks b/c of the appointments. I do return to work after the appointment, which I NEVER did before. I would take the entire day and hang out in the pool. SO~ it's not that I love my job, it just pays much better than laying at the pool. : )
We're dog sitting for Josh and Emily. Maddie is with us for 8 days. AGH!!! No, really, she's a good dog. She minds really good. Ball crazy though. They went to San Diego for a wedding and made a vacation out of it. Hope they are having fun!!
Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the day! Steff's all proud that she gets to work and get paid time and a half. : ) To be 17 again........... .........................

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