Thursday, July 23, 2009

I spoke too soon : (

Okay, so it wasn't such an easy day. : ( The nauseated feeling and the passing out continued until about an hour ago, along with vomiting and a lot of dry heaves. Bummer! She took her last pain pill this morning at 11. We switched to IB's ~ because her knee isn't hurting too bad. She has thrown up every single thing in her stomach! Bile and all. She's a trooper though, so I really can't complain. EXCEPT she's hungry and wants to know if she can eat supper. I asked her what she would like to throw up and I'll fix it. She has had 10-12 saltines and has held them down. I'm thinking, 7 up and saltines should be it. She vomited like this on Vicodin, so they gave her Darvocet (sp) this time. A girl with a sensitve system I guess. Tomorrow is a new day. We'll start fresh, she gets to shower tomorrow. Hope for her sake that breakfast stays where it belongs.

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  1. Hope the little chick is feeling better :( Hopefully now that she's not taking the pain killers she can start to feel better. They always make me queesy myself, and after all her body has been through.. I can only imagine.

    Tell her to hang in there (you too, Mom!).

    Love you guys!