Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the day for knee surgery

Hey! Good week so far. : ) Steff worked today. She is used to 4-5 hour shifts, today she had to work 8 hours. She was drained, looked very tired and her voice sounded tired. She came home, changed clothes and headed out. I was surprised ~ she DOES have surgery in the morning. Her thinking....I won't be able to get out and about for a while, so I'm going out. My way of thinking.... stay home and get a good night of rest so she would be ready for surgery. Guess who won? And really, it's not who won. She's a good kid (so far), stays home a lot, it's very hard to argue about one night. As she always says, I AM almost 18. Dave's home. He came home to be with us for the surgery. I'm not scared about the surgery, and neither is she, but I do hope it fixes whatever is going on with her knee. Dr. A said he would rather have 50 torn ACLs come in his office than one teenager with knee problems. Removing the plica didn't fix it, I am really hoping doing this lateral release does. It's a gamble, he made that clear. Only fixes a certain percentage.
So, that's what's going on in this household. I'm off work Wed and Thurs. I signed off on Friday, but if things are going well, I might save that day for later.
GET THIS> Okay, she worked yesterday and today at Wet Seal putting merchandise out. On Thursday, day after surgery, they have an employee day> I think she said 50% off for them. SO, she is planning on me taking her and getting some school clothes. I'm all about the bargains, but PLEASE! I'm sure she will be in some pain. I told her we would see. I did call about renting a wheel chair from Kilgore's ~ $15. a week. B/C Wallflowers (band)are playing downtown next Wednesday. I really would like to go, and who knows, she might want to get out, even if it's in a wheelchair. : )
I'm outa here> have a good day folks! And hope this surgery does the job!! : )

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