Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday...............after camp

Friday was a good day for all of us. Steff called that evening to say she was the "jumping queen". I smiled, but wondered just how good that was on her knee. She said it was sore, but she was excited about winning the jump competition. Dave brought home Buckingham's (a Friday night routine!) We chilled, then hit the sack.
Saturday, I slept in late! Worked in the yard, then received a text from one of Steff's friends from camp that Steff wasn't doing too well and she wanted to give me a heads up. : ( So, I tried calling her, the coach, anyone number I had, to figure out what was going on. No answers. I guess they were in a competition and the coach was busy taking care of Steff. Coach called about 30 minutes later. Yes, Steff had an episode, but not a big one. Sounded like Coach had it all under control. She had just left Steff in her room to take a much needed nap. They had worked really hard all morning and it was wearing on Steff, until finally, I'm guessing her body pretty much had all it could take. (Knee situation prob made things worse.) I called Dave and wanted to head to the lake. Not to Tan Tar A, but just to the lake, so we would be 15 minutes away, instead of 2 hours. I didn't need to see her, hover over her, but I felt better just being close enough to get there. Jeff & Char went with us, it was a good change of pace. We went out to eat, and spent the night at Nancy & CL's house at the lake. We laughed a lot. Steff called and was doing good, so we were all happy. ; ) I was worried that when she went to bed, it would start over. VERY VERY happy to say I was worried for nothing. Not only did I want to be close to Steff, but I didn't want the other cheerleaders to have to take care of her or worry about her. Coach had all that under control, and I am very thankful for that! She had a plan and put it in place. Sounded like she removed Steff from the situation, iced her knee and held her through the rough time. All in all sounds like camp was fun for all of them.
I need to go down and set the bath up for Steff, the Epsom salt bath, so she can get to bed. She works tomorrow at her new job 1-5. Surgery on Wednesday. Which means I am off work on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm planning to ask Sadie girl to stay with her on Friday, since she's had the nursing classes. : ) and since she's a good friend. Have I ever mentioned that nursing is NOT my calling???? So send your positive vibes to me so I can try to be a better nurse, mom, whatever. Keep her in your prayers ~ and enjoy your week! : ) One month - school starts. UGH

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