Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not Good News.............

Today is July 4th. It's raining a LOT! Not a good swim day, but it's only 7 AM. Long night. Steff and I had a GREAT day yesterday. We had Thai lunch with Char, then we all went walking downtown, hit Cool Stuff and Envy (Steff's favorite place to shop!) and yes, I bought her a shirt to wear for the Fourth. She works today 1-5, I think. After all the shopping, she came home, rested, then went to the movies with friends. Sounds like a mellow day to me.

As I was getting ready to head down to bed, I saw her shiver and shake all through her body. I laughed and asked what that was all about. Her eyes rolled back and she seemed to have a difficult time focusing, then her head and neck did that "jerking thing", I asked if she was okay. She then went on to explain that she gets something like a chill run through her spine and it makes her whole body shake. We talked about it, and I thought she was okay, then I headed to bed. I had just fallen asleep when Dave woke me to listen to her> she was crying out about how bad it hurt. ugh. I ran up, and sure enough, here we go again. Her little body was jerking to the max. and she had her hands over her ears. She seemed to be asleep. Dave and I both were with her. She didn't want to talk at ALL. So he went on to bed and I layed down with her. Once she got settled back down to sleep, her body twitched all night long. Bummer. I really thought this was over. So, Dave and I were trying to evaluate the situation. My brain goes to the detox, his to the stress. She didn't seem stressed to me at all, but maybe she's not sharing everything. I haven't been able to get her into the sauna, she relates it to being sick. I was thinking maybe the foot detox, but it's Independence Day, so that won't happen. She has Cheer Camp in 2 weeks. She will have to be fine to go or she won't be going. I know she's going to be mad, but life goes on. I cannot send her off ~ not knowing if she'll be okay. I plan to call that case worker today, the one that called me from BCBS. I really don't know what to do. We didn't establish a Dr. that could figure out what is going on. I hope we can get a grip on it right away. All those fears and the sadness came flowing back to me last night. I REALLY don't want her to go through this again or any more! Send her your prayers and hope that this doesn't continue. That's where I am.
Enjoy your Fourth ~ rain and all. : (

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