Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Monday... end of June!!!

Wow.. time flies! Hard to believe it's almost July. I ordered Steff's Senior Pictures. If we ordered in June, we got 20% off plus 50 free wallets. I'm all about saving $$$. So, how hard do you think it will be for me to keep them until the end of her school year? Yeah, I'm sure I'll put them somewhere safe.... then be looking all over when it's time to pull them out! Yep, that's the way I live. : ) Age, spacey, not sure what causes that, but I've learned to smile about it.
I took Ms. Steff to her orthopedic dr. today. He says she needs surgery to fix that knee. It's called lateral release (?) and he'll clean off the back of the knee cap while he's in there. She goes to cheer camp the middle of July, he told her to and enjoy herself, then we'll do the surgery on the 22nd when she returns. She was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth pulled that next week, but I'm going to cancel it. The knee requires more down time, need to do that before school starts. We could still do the teeth, but with her little medical history..... I think we will do one thing at a time. : ) She has an ultra sound on Wed July 1. Hope that goes well and takes care of itself! She says the pain is still there, but not as intense. We should find something out that day. Some say they dissolve and others have had surgery. We're hoping for the one that "just goes away". : )

On the episode front. I have said several times that it is over. Well, it's really not. HOWEVER, it has come a LONG way from where it started. She now just kind of spaces out, that is how it appears. BUT she said while someone was talking to her, she started zoning out, like her focus was on one thing, and she could feel herself fading out. She said she thought she was going to pass out, but she didn't. I'm not sure if the girl even realized Steff was having trouble. But, it passed and she didn't pass out. I told her today that we need to get back on the "taking care of her body" ~ she really does a good job with the water and rest. We will just have to pay more attention. She promised to report each of these to me, so we can try to figure out what is happening. My plan is to have her healthy before school starts back up! I want her Senior Year to be a good year, and each year after! I know she doesn't like being "that" sick girl.

Other than all that medical news, not much else going on. She's still working at Justice (limited too) and hopesto start at Wet Seal when it opens. She also babysits for a good friend of ours. Her kids are cute and Steff says they are easy to watch. This is good. She's still putting ALL her money in the bank, for college. She still thinks we are a never ending bank. : ) I'm sure that's normal for a 17 year old girl. LOL
I do have to add that she has returned to that sweet, considerate girl that I remember. We went through some rough times before and during the illness. She just did not feel good every day, her joints and muscles hurt. I don't think I realized how bad she did feel until we were in the middle of all this. I am glad to say she is back to helping out around the house, smiling a LOT, and is very pleasant to be around again. Remember me writing that I just want MY GIRL back? Well, she's back and we are loving every minute of it. Gotta Love her. She makes us smile. : )

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