Thursday, July 23, 2009 went well...

Surgery went well. Dr. A says her knee looked beautiful, which makes it difficult to understand why she has so much pain in it. He did say the back side of her knee cap is soft, and sometimes that can cause pain. So he cleaned it up and did the lateral release, thinking that may help. Time will tell. He can hit the spots that cause the pain, and almost make her come off the table, so there's no doubt that there is pain. Again, Time will tell. So far, she's been an easy patient. : ) I keep her on the pain meds around the clock. Why have pain?? Remember, I'm the one that says knock me out and wake me up when I'm completely healed. : ) She had company last night for a while ~ she remained on the couch. I was okay with that, besides it let me go downstairs and do other things. : ) Sadie stayed with us during surgery, we had lunch and hung for a while. Sadie then HAPPILY did the sauna for 15 minutes, showered and headed out. She makes me smile. Steff kept asking "Why would she do the sauna?" I laughed ~ Because it's a healthy thing to do. She just didn't get it! LOL
We removed the ace and bandages this morning, all looks good. She's a funny kid. She was dying to take it off yesterday to look at it. SO, naturally we had to do it first thing this morning. She did get nauseated and passed out as we did it. Not sure what that was all about, but she's okay now. Sleeping, as a matter of fact. The incision looks good, we cleaned it as directed and put band aids on it. Large ones. She gets to shower tomorrow. I plan to work (UGH) tomorrow, short day. Then she can shower when I get home. She starts putting weight on her foot today, partial.
Aaliyah is here. She was wanting to go home to her mom, but decided to stay with Steff and I for a couple of days. : ) She's easy and keeps Steffanee smiling. She spends 2 weeks with dad and 2 weeks with mom. Somewhere in there, we end up with her often, which is just enough for all of us! : ) When they lived out of state we had her ALL summer. So this works well!
That's about all I know. I'm chilling and enjoying the day off. Aaliyah and I slept in the living room floor, to be close to Steff, so I'm tired, but moving. Need to get off here and keep moving! Have a good day ~ Is it May or July?? Weather sucks for July--- when you like the water!

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