Monday, July 13, 2009

Steff's doing good!

Hey It's Monday! Guess anyone left reading the blog realizes that NO post usually means good news. : ) This blogging thing is my way to vent, obviously. Steff had a VERY busy weekend, she ran every single night and is working tonight. She has done very well with her water and the sauna. I just knew on Saturday evening we were going to be up all night. She looked exhausted and 'bad' through the eyes. Nope, once she went to bed, didn't hear from her til the next morning. YAY! She was tired again on Sunday, but went to a concert with Sadie at the Blue Note. She LOVED it. Her first one at the Blue Note. Have a feeling it won't be her last. She was all hyped up when she came home. Glad she's enjoying her summer! She works late tonight and tomorrow night. She leaves for Cheer Camp on Friday AM I think. In my car, I think. : ) She likes to drive my car! Well, there's the update. Life Is Good! Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer! Catch you later.

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