Friday, July 17, 2009

Off To Cheer Camp ~ TanTarA

The girls packed up and left this morning around 7. Guess my car was full. Two girls spent the night, then they were to pick up 2 more at the school. The 3 girls from here were very tired, but jumped right up this morning. I know they are excited about camp. I smiled last night, listening to their plans & excitement.
Steff reminded me that this would be her last one. : ) That was while we were out shopping. Yep, AGAIN. We went to Platos Closet. Okay, I'm all about a bargain, but oh my gosh!! That place was completely overwhelming for me. My arms got tired from sorting through the shirts. WOW. They do have a ton of bargains. Best buy of the trip.....$100. jeans for Steff for......$18.00. She also picked out an American Eagle Sweatshirt..... $10, looked like new. So she was a happy camper. Of course, we couldn't get those things in the wash fast enough. : ) lol She was overwhelmed too, but said she would make trips back in there to pick through their jeans. AND they had a ton in her size. This is good news!
Back to camp. They will be home Sunday evening. Hope her little body holds out and then some! I hope they have as much FUN as they were planning last night!! Have a good weekend!!

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  1. So glad that you guys ventured in Plato's- they have some awesome finds.... the thrill of the hunt, you know my moto. :)

    Glad to hear that camp went good and that her coach helped her through persistence is going to take her FAR in life [like we didn't know that already....] :)

    Tell her congrats for winning the jumping! :)

    Love you all...