Friday, July 24, 2009

BACK to GARDASIL Adverse Effects...

Okay, bear with me, those of you that really don't want to hear it. Here is an article that one of the Gardasil moms emailed me a link to read. I wonder what kind of seizure like reactions they are, I wonder if by any chance they would be similar to the seizure like episodes that Steffanee experiences. I have an email posted, hope to get more details. But, just had to share what I read. It's all about being informed.
Here is the Article I received:
Some of us here at Eco Child’s Play have been skeptical of this vaccine, myself included. We have chosen to minimally vaccinate and hold off on some vaccinations for my young sons, under the care of their holistic pediatrician. But I also have a 13-year-old stepdaughter, who will most definitely not be getting this vaccination.
Because there are far too many questions for the FDA and Merck first, especially now that these freakish reactions have been added to the list of precautions.
There is not measurable thimerosol in the Gardasil vaccine. As you might know, thimerosol has been removed from the required vaccines on the Childhood Immunization Schedule because that preservative is 50% mercury. Mercury is a known neurotoxin. Now, since the mercury isn’t causing the brain to make a “seizure-like reaction”, what the heck is?
If my child does not have epilepsy, a very serious disorder in its own right, why should she have a seizure after receiving a vaccination?
Doesn’t a seizure signal something serious happening in the brain? Could this lead to other problems?
Might we want to investigate Gardasil further before requiring it for our girls?
Currently, there are far too many questions about this vaccination. I hope for everyone’s sake that it does not become mandatory before it can be studied: independently, fully, and long-term.
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Seizure like reactions. Interesting. We labeled hers Seizure like Episodes. Again, interesting.

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  1. The commericals are full blown again around here and I cringe everytime they come on. I'm still warning other Mom's about this vaccine, and will continue to do so. You KNOW my theory as to why Steff had the episodes, there are just WAY too many simularities IMO. WAY too many, and trust me.. like you, I think I read everything that I could get my hands on.

    The FDA doesn't care. It's probally a kick back to A LOT of people "Support us, we'll take care of you" per se. Don't get me started.

    Thanks for sharing the email. ((hugs))