Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's NOW 2011...

Another year gone by, hoping to see as much improvement in 2011 as we did in 2010 with Steff's health. She finished her first semester ~ not too shabby on the grades. I was expecting the worst..... LOL .. yep, that's just me. Better to be surprised, than to be disappointed. LOL No, really, I knew she was having trouble with reading and well, it's probably hard to comprehend it if you can't read it. So, I was pleasantly surprised that the grades were ALL pulled up with finals. She was very proud. She's signed up for next semester, but I don't believe she's taking as many hours. First semester she took 15 and now she's taking 12 hours. Gee. With Rushing, Homecoming and joining the Sorority, seems she has that backward. But, she made it. Her GPA is not as high as she would like, but now that she's getting the hang of how College works, hopefully she will pull it up. Type "A" personality. = )
She's still home on break, I believe she goes back around the 21st. I have enjoyed having her here. She is still working both jobs through her break, which makes me smiLe. Every single penny going into the bank. = ) Funny Girl. Funny Girl.
We had a GREAT Christmas, the snow on Christmas Eve was a GREAT thing to wake up to. The kids... the adult kids.. built an awesome snowman! If I can remember how to put pics on here, I'll attach it. By New Years Eve, he was gone, just a scarf and several sticks laying in the mud! LOL

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