Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vaccine Court Information

Yep, the documentary hit 33 thousand tonight. I DO believe it's going to happen. ♥♥ You gotta love it!

A friend sent me a link to Ustream, about Vaccine Court. Wow. I emailed it to a few of you, well okay, quite a few of you. LOL AND although it seemed to last a long time, it was very powerful. Emily Tarsell spoke of her daughter Chris, who died after the gardasil vaccine. An attorney spoke, his son is extreme autistic ~ he reminded me of myself when he said that he has learned more about vaccines & adverse effects than he ever thought was possible. Anyway, it was very enlightening. It makes you understand why the companies, like Merck, don't have to take responsibility for our kids. The fact that there are now 1 in 100 kids with autism OR the fact that 33 Vaccines are given to our kids before Kindergarten. They cannot be sued and it cannot be heard in a court until it goes through Vaccine Court. The attorney, which had experienced it, called it Kangaroo Court. It makes you STOP and realize, as negative as this may sound, it REALLY is all about the money. Who is watching out for our children?http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13065127

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