Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday March 5, 2011

Saturday, March 5. All is quiet, supplements seem to be making a difference. I did get some information from the young lady I chatted with in Boonville. Interesting Info. I googled it and here is the link, if you are interested. It's about the PH balance of your body. 
Alkaline-Forming-Foods Diet. Pretty interesting. I need to go back into my blog and find her ph levels, I remember getting them from Dr. Mark.

Good news on the One More Girl Documentary ~   up to $31,100 ~    36 days to go ~
goal is $37,000 So, I would say, it's on the way to becoming a reality. This, my friends, makes me very happy. ♥ It's called validation.

Friday at work I was listening to Y107 raise money for the Children's Hospital. When I turned it on, a nurse was talking about her 17 year old daughter, how her joints and muscles ached. The daughter made her own appointment, then was referred to a Rheumatoid Dr.. ... Oh, goodness, how I wanted to call and ask if she had gotten the Gardasil shot. I didn't. But it is still heavy on my mind. The young girl saw the same RA Dr. as Steffanee. Thoughts on that one?

So, after a very rough week, irrelevant to Ms. Steffanee's health, I'm hoping for a chilling evening and nice day tomorrow, since it IS my Birthday. I stopped counting, but do enjoy the pampering the day brings. LOL

Have a GREAT week and remember, if I'm not blogging, our world is good. Wish the same for everyone.

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