Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Bad night....

So, I started to type on FB, then remembered how pissed she would be. LOL She's been working both jobs every single day this week. Just happens that the office job she is doing with Peds Orthopeds is moving this week, so they need her help.. it's usually just entering codes into the computer, this week it's physical labor, everyday. AND the other host at Jack's went on a 7 day Cruise.. so when she leaves the hospital, she heads to Jacks and gets home around 11, to get up and start all over again. Today is the last day for both. THANK Goodness. I've watched her wear down all week.

So here's the smiLe for you. She screamed, jerked, twisted and cried for quite a while. Dave & I heard her and came running. I ended up sleeping on her floor once it stopped. She gets up this morning and against my wishes, gets ready for work and acts like nothing happened. I make her talk about it, trying to figure out what happened. We did. I send a text to her boss (friend of mine) about her episodes. I get one back.

"She told me she just overslept. She's laughing smiling and bouncing off the walls, you would never know she had a rough night." and here I sit. Called in vacation time, no sleep and worried to death. Her life continues to go on, mine stops. Dave and I both got sick to our stomaches last night when it was happening. I'm sure he's one tired guy today too. Ugh. After the episodes, she goes off to sleep ~ we sit and worry and worry and wonder WTH??? Okay, there's your blog for the day!!

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