Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's Our College Girl....

This is December 2010. Steff's medical problems started in Feb 2009. Well, actually before that, but the severe part started in Feb. Prior to Feb, she complained of knee pain, her joints and muscles hurting every single day. Her low back pain was horrible. Then on Feb 2, 2009, our lives were turned upside down with the non epileptic seizures. Many thanks to the Dystonia Clinic in Maryland that asked me if our girl had gotten the Gardasil shots, when I called for help. My answer was Yes, all three. It was then that it all started falling together. Today, there is much more information on the internet & FaceBook about our girls. The Gardasil Girls. One just never knows. You think you are doing the right thing, by getting them vaccinated, then it turns your world upside down. SO, she's better, she's off to college, but not w/o struggles. This has been a life changing experience for us. She is the youngest of Four. All Four received every vaccine that was recommended. Today would I do that with my babies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I cringe when I hear a mom talk about it. How can you know if your child/baby can handle the vaccine?

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