Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sophomore at Mizzou

Steff has moved on to become a Sophomore at Mizzou. This year she is living in the ADPi House and so far, is loving it. Ha. We'll see, come Christmas break. LOL She made it pretty good after she started her supplements. EVEN went to Spring Break and survived w/o incident, I might add. Incident being any medical problems... LOL.. and I will follow up with, to my knowledge. She seemed spunky and fine when she got back. Oh.. to be that age again. LOL
Summer was mellow.. she worked part time, both jobs and saved her money. Yeah, she always saves her money. = ) Spends mine, saves hers. So actually not much to say, except she seems to be holding strong. She does get congested and has sinus infections on a regular basis.. other than that, I believe she's doing good. She's a sleeper.. but always has been. LOL
So.. enjoy your fall/winter.. hopefully it will be a mild one. Just checking in......
Our Life Is Good. = )

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  1. Certain dairy seems to make my sinuses swell. If I stay away from offending foods and they come into my life again (by will or by accident) I can sometimes feel my face or ear get congested and stuffy, almost instantly. Dairy being main culprit. Cheese is ok. I've been doing well since my set-back last fall. I even moved once with my husband to Korea for the summer, and now we're heading to Japan where I will be teaching English. Preservative free foods and gluten free foods haven't caught on very much here, I think mainly because housewives work so insanely hard making most things the house needs economically from scratch. Happy to hear all is well and quiet!