Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If you are reading this... you know me too well. LOL

Okay. If you are reading this, you obviously know me TOO well. Give me a difficult day and I need to vent. Vent, scream, cry, not sure, but I'm back. Last night was a very tough night. A VERY tough night. I NOW understand why her knee continues to hurt 24/7. It went into positions that I have never witnessed a knee going into. ugh. It was bad. Hard to understand how all this happens. I do see a pattern, possibly. Last Monday it happened at school, with a trip to the ER. It happened last night after she fell asleep, later than I requested. SO, that said, I believe next weekend will be a very slow one. There is a party on Friday, but she will be coming home at a decent time to sleep in her own bed. Saturday night, she has already said she's staying home. We all know that commitment will change if a better offer comes along. BUT I'm on it. I would rather fight with her about the weekend than fight with her little body on the bed while she is screaming in pain. I'm the mom, bottom line. Dave & I are together on this, which is very important. The DR at the ER gave her a prescription to calm her muscles down when she is having an episode. The Valium the Ambulance driver gave her worked like magic, I could feel her muscles start to release. I shared that with the ER Dr, he gave her something similar. We prob should give her 1/2 instead of the whole pill, b/c she is STILL sleeping. I've checked on her, she's okay, but knocked out. I have been waking her to eat a cracker with Almond butter on it. Protein every two hours to nourish the brain. I am SO on that.
Okay, it's now 1:10 and the girl is awake, not up, but awake. She's sore. I am SO sure!! I prob need to go find her some kind of protein for lunch and serve it up with rice. LOL Peace out, I'm out, and yep, I'll prob be back. I hate to leave people wondering about her, maybe that's it. : )
OR maybe we are still in need of LOTS of prayers. There's no maybe about that one!!
Have a good day folks and say a prayer for our girl.

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  1. I'm so glad that you posted!!!!.... Tell that girl that she should just chill at home this weekend, no party.... tell her missing one party will be okay, I promise. :) :) Also, have you researched about "juicing" some of your food? This is SUPER healthy for you (using organic veggies & fruits), and gives you MORE vitamins than you would ever get from eating veggies normally. Here's a link: http://www.bestofjuicing.com/ PLEASE READ IT. D and I have made some awesome soup and put everything you can imagine in it and it tasted just like tomato soup (it was cabocha soup, only spelled right..lol). You can shove all kinds of stuff like spinache leafs, etc. and you don't even taste it, but your body is getting the benefits of all the antioxidants and health benefits (there are a TON!). You can make fruit smoothies and add spinche or proteins and you won't even taste it. We're getting ready to do a "juice detox".. it's suppose to rid you of all the toxins & free radicals in your body. I was reading about it today and IMMED. thought of Steff. I know going "all in" and doing the full juicing diet/detox prob. isn't a good idea, but having her drink 1-2 per day might not hurt to try. Read up on it and LMK what you think..... I've saved LOTS of sites with juicing receipes, so just say the word. :)

    I hope she had a better day today, bless her heart! I pray for her daily.... and think of you all the time. Glad to see this post.. it keeps me informed on how she is doing, as well as YOU!!!

    Love you!