Friday, November 6, 2009

Yes, this is much better.

TWO peaceful nights, and a GREAT Thursday. Hoping for a GREAT Friday. Steff sent me a text at 8:30 am on Thursday at work. I cringed, opened it and read it. I actually laughed out loud. The text was "MY GIRL"!!!! I knew at that point that she would have a good day. : ) I shared at work ~ they also LOL ~ It was SO the Steff that felt good!! So, let's hope & pray for another good day! I'm running late, but had to share. THIS IS A positive post!!
About the FMLA ~ I"ll get back w/that.
About the video I found about chelation and the Cheerleader---WOW!!! I'll also post that. and it was still in my paste link. : ) Amazing. This is what Dr. Mark does, but slower, not in an IV, but in meds. I'm out, can't be late........have a good day!!
It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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