Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We made it ~ on her time....

We both made it to work/school today ~ on her time. I work 6:30-3:30, I showed up to work at 1:45. NICE. I plan on doing four hours make up time, IF Dave comes home tomorrow night. I know people don't understand how some times I can leave her and sometimes I can't. It's about the episodes. When she has one, I won't leave her by herself, b/c I'm afraid she'll have another one ~ and be by herself. What a horrible feeling that would be. When she's up and moving, I can tell if it's okay to leave her. It's our life and we get it. Might seem odd to others, but we do the best we can. Not defending us, just stating the facts. I would trade my life for theirs in a heart beat! Enough of that....
So, Dr. Mark called me back today. We are stopping the supplements, except the NeuroFlam. He thinks she has too many toxins floating around in her body at this point. He has decided to go ahead and do the thirty day cleanse for her liver b/f we do the chelation. He had said we would have to tweek it as we go. When the Brain barrier is broken, it's a tricky fix. SO, we'lll stop the supp. and start on the new ones when they arrive. Which of course, means I will be buying yet more supplements. Whatever it takes.... .... and I'm supposed to email him on Friday about how she is doing w/o the supplements.
I had a pretty rough day, even though I worked less than 1/2 day. I'm trying to get the paperwork done for an intermittant Family Leave so I can take Steff to her DR appointments or stay with her on a bad day, w/o it counting against my attendence. It obviously is NOT as easy at my job as it is at others. I started trying to do this in June, didn't happen. So, now I'm trying it again. Seems the employer has the choice whether to honor the leave or not. Seems to me that MOST employers would say No. So, what is the point of it being a Federal law? I don't understand ......... instead of doing this, they are telling me to take a 2 month Stress leave. Yeah, well, that would be nice, but how the heck am I supposed to pay the CA Dr. if I'm not working? Besides, as odd as it may seem, I do better at work while she's in school.
It's getting late> I'm out. Hope tonight and tomorrow are better than the last. : )

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