Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Days/No Post : )

WOW! It's Wednesday and it has been smooth sailing. I am SOOO glad. She's feisty again ~ good sign that she is feeling better. So, not much to post! She is such a ditz sometimes. Yesterday she called me saying that the new supplements were making her feel strange and spacey. Okay, being all concerned, I called DR. Mark TWO times ~ he changed her plan all around, thinking her system is really more fragile than he realized. WELL! The ditz had taken her morning pills AND her evening pills. She says I put all them in the AM box of the pill container. I SAY, well, let's see, if I couldn't close the lid on 11 pills, b/c it was overflowing, how in the heck could I get 21 pills in there? Enough said. DITZ. So, I had to email Dr. Mark to let him know she was okay, luckily, and that we are back to plan one. Yeah, that was my fault. Seems like every single thing has to be my fault. Good thing I can handle it. LOL My bad.
Dr. information. We are now cleansing her liver. There are two phases, but she takes the same meds for 30 days. Phase one pulls the toxins into her system (I guess out of her tissues??) and Phase two breaks them down so she can release them from her body (sweat, urine, bowels). IF phase 1 gets too far ahead of phase 2, she could have some problems. He has only seen this happen a couple of times, but we need to be aware. I'm thinking, if it's going to happen ~ it will happen to her. SO, 2 days in and no problems. I hope this is a good sign. He said we would know by Friday. Casey, Sara, there's your heads up. LOL
Bracelets, WOW! They are moving right on out the door. Thanks so much for all the support. It makes me smile to see people wearing them. : ) A girl at work is selling the heck out of them too, I really didn"t think of that. I thought Kathy and a few of my friends. Now who's the ditz??? LOL In case you are wondering, No, insurance will not cover 1 cent of the CA Dr. We are using supplements/vitamins/minerals. They only cover DRUGS. I know!! You would think it would be better to go natural and save them money, but oh well. She's better and that is all that matters!! AHHH LIFE IS GOOD. I'm out ~ and if I'm not posting...... .. that means life is still good. Frustration is when I blog. YEP> and today, I'm feeling good. Out!!

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