Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Steff had a real mellow day all day yesterday. She actually slept quite a bit, ate her protein every two hours. I figured things would be good. NOPE! Twenty minutes into her sleep last night, here we go again. This time Dave gave her 1/2 a pill ~ 12 minutes later, her body started to relax, a couple more twitches, which are much better than thrashes, and it was over. HOWEVER, I cannot get her to budge this morning. I'm showered, ready to head out, she won't budge. I will not leave her here by herself, I just can't. Twenty more minutes, and I"ll call her again. NOT that 20 is a magic number, LOL, but it seems logical. I figured that yesterday was from the weekend. Maybe not. I have a call into Dr. Mark, perhaps we need to adjust her supplements. I hope to hear from him around 11 ~ 9 his time.
I made white chili last night, we all liked it. LOTS of protein there!! That is what she wanted for her lunch today as well. Aah, another recipe, another flavor. THAT was good. Turkey, Chicken, Fish, Then repeat. That's pretty much it. : ) I'm planning to saute some fresh organic spinach tonight, with mushrooms. Probably ground turkey as well. LOL I'm out.......... to try to get her moving. Have a good day mate!!!


  1. Black beans have quite a bit of protein, too. Throw in some fiesta corn, sour cream, cheese, and salsa.... good stuff. You can also add some chicken in there. :)

  2. Had to laugh.. hopefully you know this is Chrystal and NOT Aspen :) :)