Sunday, November 22, 2009

A good Weekend for Steff

Glad to keep typing that it's another good day. Steff had a good weekend.
These Gardasil Shots have taught me a VERY expensive & stressful lesson. ~ Who knew MY girl would EVER have a reaction to something like this? She did, it's getting better, but not with out completely STRESSING everyone out. It's like, how can you know the choices you make today will make such big changes in your life? I cringed when I heard a mom talking about how well her baby did getting two vaccines. Never EVER thought about it before. Mine all handled all of the vaccines, until Gardasil. I'm not angry, I just wonder WHY a lot. Why would she have a reaction to this one and not all the others? Anyway, just thinking...... wondering...... probably too much.

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