Monday, June 8, 2009

and NOW it's MonDaY

Nice Mellow weekend. Lots of swimming and laying around the pool. Steff started back to work on Sunday. She said it felt good to go back. So, she is back to everything except cheerleading. We went to the orthopaedic Dr. today. Steff's PT thought he had left some Plica in her knee, b/c Steff says something is still catching on her knee when she walks. As she pulls her knee back, the tissue catches on her knee cap and hurts. Which is similar to what the plica was doing prior to surgery. Today the surgeon said it isn't the plica. He had made a note on her history that while he was removing the plica, that she had cartilage that didn't look good behind her knee. Okay, he used more technical terms, but I can't remember everything. Just the same, he thinks that is what is catching on her cap. SO, there is not a surgery to fix it (Yay!) she will be going to PT to strengthen the muscle above her knee so it can pull that cartilage behind the knee where it belongs. Not sure I explained that so good, but you get the idea. : ) SO, more PT. He seems to think she will be ready to pass her physical for cheer camp by June 29 ~ and he'll do the physical. So, that is all good news to me. It does still hurt her, but it can only get better from here. He did tell her to stay in the brace and to stay on the Aleve 2X a day. I asked about doing acupuncture on it> he was all for it. Can't hurt ~ was his answer. But he also said, if it gets much better, we won't know which fixed it, then he said it didn't matter, as long as she felt better. : )
Yep, I agree. So, I am REALLY hoping she will be able to participate in cheer practice and camp with NO problems. She will, I'm quite sure.

Work? I made it today, minus 2 1/2 hours. BUT I made it! Looks like I might make it full days the rest of the week! Look out!! Seriously, I am looking forward to getting a paycheck on Friday.

I'll call about getting her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. I'll check what kind of schedule they have, then look at hers and make a decision. She really should be in TIP TOP SHAPE before school starts her Senior year! I hope and pray that her Senior year is a good one> health wise!
Okay, Life Is Still Good. Enjoy your day/week and we'll check back in around Friday. : )


  1. Hi, just checked your blog and we are thrilled to here she is doing well, thank god....We wish her a complete and total recovery real soon,
    God bless,

    Ben and Miriam
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. oh and by the way, here photos are stunning!