Saturday, June 20, 2009

UGH!! It's Saturday and raining.......

UGH! I'm sick of the rain. First, it interferes with that husband of mine working & the checkbook, second, it really interferes with the tanning and swimming!! The flowers are looking good though. And the grass is green. : ) and needs to be cut AGAIN.
I finally got my invitation to Chrystal's wedding ON the day of the wedding! She's funny. It was a small, very pretty wedding at the winery. She sent out an email informing each of us that she was late in mailing the invites! I laughed b/c 3 weeks ago, I read on her blog that they were ready to mail. Not sure if they have a Post Office in Louisville Kentucky, but you would think they do. LOL She had a lot of last minute detail, but they pulled it off. It was good to see everyone! Steff had fun!
Speaking of Steff...... I haven't mentioned much in the blog about the pain in her lower stomach. Mostly b/c I kept hoping it would go away! Well, it didn't. She hasn't felt well for 2-3 days, so I gave in and called her OB/GYN. She saw her on Friday. She thinks she has a cyst on her ovary. At least we got an answer, I'm not used to that! She goes in for an ultrasound on July 1. We'll find out more then b/c she sees the DR immediately after the test. She gets light headed and clammy quite a bit lately. I thought it was due to the stomach pain. A friend of ours that works in the Medical field said there is a BAD A.... virus going around. Maybe she has that on top of the belly pain. She just doesn't feel good ...again today. Yeah, I freak out> that's my job. I just hope it goes away... like soon. Nasty rainy day, so we are just being lazy. I am working on wash, Steff's working on getting caught up on the TV shows she watches. Dave's out running around, getting things ready for his dad's dad day! Good guy!!
SO>>>>>>>>>>>>>> let's all hope and pray this next week is a good one around here, then she goes to the knee DR on Monday, OB on Wednesday. If it's a virus, I'm sure she can hold out, if not, well, I hope she still holds out. I am SO over going to the Drs offices and worrying about her!! I'm sure she is pretty sick of it as well. Well, have a good day! Spoil those DADS tomorrow!! Later...................................

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