Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy late bday to me : )

Check this out! Char made this last weekend for my bithday for me! COOL ~ huh? Once the plants fill out I'm sure it will look even better... For those of you that don't know> that's Steff's bug. : ) Just wanted to share as I wrap up my evening. Steff and I went to the mall tonight ~ getting the essentials. Needs, not wants. Yeah, like she needed that $9.00 shirt. LOL That was our buy of the day! She likes clothes, but she is a GOOD shopper. I must say, I have taught her well. Clearance is our best friend. : ) I'm out, plan to share this weekend. So far, it's been a GREAT week and it's Thursday. Work....yeah, I almost made a full week.

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