Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays......

Yep> a rainy, nasty Monday and I took full advantage of it. I laid around all day. I woke with a head ache and called into work. BAD- I know!! We had Carlee's bday here yesterday. The kids all swam and rode the go kart. They had fun. I ordered Pizza Hut and Josh & Emily went to pick it up. Busy busy day! House was empty around 8:45 pm. Funny how you like the laughter of the kids, but enjoy the quiet of the evening. Sound old ~ huh? Seven hours of laughter was enough. : ) YOU know I love them all!!
Steff had PT this morning, then worked 11-3. She went to the movies last night and is heading back again tonight. She had plenty of laying around time today. If they are making progress on that knee, I must say it's going to be slow. The heavy duty blue knee brace doesn't do her stylish look any justice. SO ~ I know her knee hurts, or she would leave the brace behind! It really looks goofy with her dresses, but I just smile. LOL Our relationship is different than it was before. Seems like there is a new found respect, possibly from both of us. I watch Dave with her, he has a LOT more tolerance with her, even when she is trying SO hard to get on his nerves! The boys, well, they still tease her to the MAX, but don't throw her around or wrestle her around anymore. I know they're afraid they'll hurt her. She still doesn't cut them any slack> trust me!
Well, I prob should get a few things done> so I can go to work tomorrow. I know Steff works tomorrow, then babysits tomorrow night. She has become one busy girl. I'm glad. Just the same, I'm outa here> have a good week! : )
Chrystal, I check every single day for our invitation. So far, nothing. : (

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