Friday, June 5, 2009

YESSSS! It's Friday.

Yep> Another picture of Steff. Like you don't already know
what she looks like! Happy to share those smiling eyes!!
Thanks for the pic Sandra> fine job!!

Well> I did make it all 5 days. Was tired as a dog today though, think I need to adjust my sleep habits. I hate to go to bed and I hate to get up with an alarm! Waking up around 7:30 was working for me~ then I went back to work. 5:15 AM comes early when you stay up until midnight. Yeah, I'll work on that next week. LOL

Steffanee is really coming back! AND in full force, I might add. SMILE! I am glad > now, if we get that knee looked at and fixed, maybe again, she should be 100% . We get that looked at on Monday. She's laying out in the pool with friends today. Yeah, she's working on her sun damage. : ) Oh, and those free high lights for her hair. Just thought I would drop in and share our smiles. Can't say enough to everyone for all their prayers and support! We would have had a much tougher time getting through this without each of you! Know that!

Karen, I didn't realize you were keeping up with my blog. Made me smile to read your name and comments. It's a little too close to home, isn't it? I share our story with as many as I can too. I realize everyone has to make their own decisions, but it's good to make an informed one. Hope all is well with your crew!! Good to hear from you.

New York> Thanks for the support while we were at Mayo. You made me smile! I was glad to hear from you as well. Take care and know that we will take good care of this girl. Her walk is much much better now! : )

Everyone else> keep smiling!! : ) Life Is Good.

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