Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 2012 ~ THREE years

Hello All. Whenever I feel sad or disappointed that Steff is having a "bad" day, I read through this blog and realize OMG, she has come SO far. So far from where it started. She made the Dean's List at MU. I am very proud! She still struggles with concentrating and focusing, but we all know what a little fighter she is. SO making the Deans List is a very BIG accomplishment. I called DR. Mark and have a phone consult appt with him on Wednesday to discuss the options to help the brain fog and ADD symptoms. She filled out his questionaire and we faxed it in. He thinks she still has inflammation in her brain and that's what is causing the problems. I trust him and she wants help, so we'll see.
Steff is loving life at the Sorority House. I figured she would be sick of it by Winter Break, but, nope, she's loving it. She has made a lot of new friends/sisters/whatever. = ) I'm just happy that she is enjoying Life.
I still get an email about once a week from a mom that has found my blog. A mom that is searching for some answers on how to help her daughter, or in one case, her son. It still puts a black cloud over me to think about anyone going through what we did. It makes my heart hurt. I share what I know, refer them to Dr. Mark and check back in on them. That's about all I can do, besides lots of thoughts and Prayers. When I read postings in the FB Gardasil Groups about how bad the girls are still struggling, the ones that got sick about the same time as Steffanee, I am very Thankful. Thankful that Steff is doing so well and Thankful that I found Dr. Mark. I really believe that he is the difference between Steff and the girls that are still having problems. He built up her system, then slowly detoxed it as we kept putting supplements in it. Of course, if you've read this blog, you know that. LOL If this is the first post you are reading, go back through it to find all the important information Dr. Mark shared with us.
SO Just wanted to touch base, Steff is doing GOOD. She is now The Recruitment Vice President for AdPi, she volunteers and is doing Relay For Life. AND seems to be maintaining her grades. We have a lot to be Thankful for. Three years down.. Time seems to be her friend.

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