Saturday, December 12, 2009

HA! STill Saturday

I was reading on the Gardasil Group on Yahoo. I came across an email from a mom from Missouri. Her daughter is listed in that project we did, with all the girls and their stories. If you are interested in it, let me know and I will get you a copy. It's long, but makes a very big statement. It's sad, to say the least. Anyway, Cassie was not doing too well, her mom has been off the group for the time I've been on. I knew Cassie was seen at the University here in Columbia. SO, her mom gets on the group and writes this email. I'm going to copy and paste it. I know I should prob ask her permission, BUT it makes a big statement about Dr. Mark, which I am SO glad. It's like, you feel you are making the right choice, you see her getting better, but is it that time has passed, or is he making a difference? Here's my answer. Funny that I ran across it today. ~ just the same ~ I'm sharing!!!

Hello to all! Many of you do not know us, it has been awhile since I have participated in the group; however, my daughter is a Gardasil survivor and I wanted to share with you how she has survived. I have noticed that many of you are still struggling with where to go for help, I am here to tell you help is available and as far as I am concerned it is the only chance your daughter has to improve and beat this horrible vaccine. God Bless all of you and know you are not alone there is HELP! Kim S.

There are not enough words for me to be able to fully express my gratitude to Dr. Mark Flannery. It is because of him and the grace of God that I still have my daughter with me today.
Cassie started experiencing side effect from the Gardasil vaccine immediately after the first injection, but because we were told the reaction was completely unrelated to Gardasil she continued with all three shots. It was after the third and final one that she became seriously ill. Cassie was hospitalized, her symptoms consisted of severe abdomen pain, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches with light and sound sensitivity, and extreme nose bleeds. After being in the hospital for 7 weeks the doctors diagnosed Cassie with pancreatitis, polycystic ovian syndrome, and severe intestinal swelling; she was placed on TPN and Lipids (IV nutrition) and had surgery to remove the cysts. Her condition continued to worsen and the doctors had no idea why or how to further help her; Cassie was then flown to yet another hospital. After three more weeks Cassie started having seizures as well as other neurological problems and still no answers. Still on the feeding tube with 5 different IV nausea medications, as well as IV pain medicine we were sent home with Home Health to continue the care of Cassie. Less than one month later Cassie lost feeling in her lower extremities and started experiencing heart problems. Cassie went back into the hospital for another three weeks and then to a rehab facility where Cassie started the process of walking again.
It was at this point when God brought Dr. Flannery into our lives. Cassie spent over 13 weeks in the hospital and another 4 in a rehab facility and yet she was not getting better, she was continuing to get worse. Every week was another symptom and the only thing the medical profession knew to do was symptomatic treatment and that was not helping. Dr. Flannery took over Cassie’s care, treating the dysfunction of her illness rather than the symptoms and with just a few short weeks Cassie began to stabilize. I was very uncertain of Dr. Marks approach; however, we had given western medicine more than enough time to help our daughter and they failed us miserably.
I know had it not been for God leading Dr. Mark Flannery, my daughter Cassie would not be with us today. It has now been a year and Cassie is eating on her own (following a strict diet), walking, and only taking supplement recommended by Dr. Mark. Cassie still has some healing to do, but we are confident with the help of Dr. Mark she will be 100% soon.

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