Saturday, April 21, 2012

As I am sending the link to this blog to yet another Gardasil mom, I take the time to read through it. I do believe there is good information throughout it, but I also remember that Steff was reading it, so at times, I didn't describe the seizures, neck jerking/twitching, or the eyes quivering even close to how bad it was to watch. She hated this blog and felt like it invaded her privacy. Perhaps it did, but I'm glad I have it for reference. Those of you that lived it with us, you know it was horrible. Those of you, just reading it .. I can honestly say this has been the most horrible experience of my life. Period.

On one of the FB groups, one mom asked if anyones daughter has been healed. There were several posts under it, most, like mine are doing SO much better, but aren't healed, all the girls still struggle in different areas. I learned something reading the updated posts. The sore throat and chronic sinus infections are common with the Gardasil Girls. I didn't connect it, I have seasonal allergies, figured her immune system was down and that turned it into a sinus infections. Hmm..... The new DR, the Naturalist, from now on, I will him Mr. N... said that could also be from her Adrenals. She just cannot get that blood, saliva and stool samples done quick enough for me. Seems that next Sunday just might fit into her schedule for all three.. Hope nothing interferes with that plan.

One more thing I need to follow up on. I did have the phone consult with Dr Mark, he believes the inflammation in her brain is from her eating the small amount of Gluten. He says gluten stays in the body months after eating it. He wants to do more food allergy testing on her.... my brain goes WHY?? One mom in touch with said that once they fixed her daughters Reverse T3, that all her food allergies were gone... That would be my goal..AND she is MUCH better....
The leaky gut, brain inflammation, and fatigue .... all connected to food allergies? Perhaps, but I want to try Dr. N first, to see if we can work from another direction. My honest feeling.... Steff has been through enough, has given up enough, if we can get her healthier w/o taking away things she enjoys, aka triscuits, chicken strips, then I'm trying it first. Thank you Dr. N for the wonderful web site I found on googling Naturalist Homeopathic Dr in Columbia MO. LOL

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