Sunday, November 21, 2010


We went to Dr. Amanda and was very impressed with her. I went with Steff on the first 2 visits, after that, she's on her own. AND it seems to be making a difference. With Dr. Mark, Steff was in denial about it being Gardasil, so I had to push and push to get her to do what he said. HE wanted to talk and deal with her.. nothing doing. She wasn't even SURE it was Gardasil, and YOU don't even know it is. Okay, child, I give up on that battle, now let's get better, regardless what we each feel it is, HE is making you better. UGH... that was a rough road. So, after that experience, I decided, she's 19 and will do what Dr. Amanda says if she wants to feel good. Mission accomplished. = ) She takes her meds, no begging, she drinks her carrot juice.. okay, complaining there, but I don't push! LOL ALL that she has been through, she can see what happens when she veers from the plan, or decides to have one drink of alcohol.. it tears her body down. So, long story longer, we really like the DR and we are seeing good things happen.
Steff is home for a week for Thanksgiving Break. I did take her into get her eyes checked, seems she just cannot read ~ it's too much work on her eyes. Well, guess it is!! Her vision is 20/15, but her eyes don't work together when she reads, one tries to pull away. NOPE, never noticed that. She now has reading glasses with prisms in them. She says it has made it easier to read now. BUT the book is for Sociology.. enough said. BORING!! LOL
Me? LOL I've been on a mission and will continue to be. Doesn't matter to me that my family thinks I"ve gone overboard. LOL I've been running copies of all the good articles, the flyers with the girls and stories on it, and basically any article I find informing .. and taking them to Dr and Dentist Offices, just laying them around in the waiting rooms. I hit a different OB GYN office each week. HEY! If I had found and read one of those articles, I wouldn't be blogging today. So, that is my mission. = ) INFORM, INFORM, Share & share.
I'm out, things to get done before bed.. Take Care and have a good day!!

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